Outsourcing Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement




Service Management Introduction

A comprehensive beginners guide to service management using the ITIL protocol.


Benchmarking Audit Kit

A comprehensive checklist / questionnaire to measure your service.


The Outsourcing Contract

A balanced document with standard terms and conditions... why re-invent the wheel?


The Transition Plan

A pre-written plan/template for moving your work to the supplier's environment in a timely and efficient manner


Outsourcing Service Level Requirements

A comprehensive  template designed to help you establish and properly document your service level requirements. 




The Outsourcing Toolkit

The Outsourcing Toolkit

A complete toolkit comprising introduction to service management, SLA, benchmarking audit kit, generic contract, transition plan and a service level requirements template.

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Outsourcing Service Level Agreement or Outsource SLA

A quality Service Level Agreement  is CORE to the outsourcing operation. This is nothing less than an extensive blueprint for a complete service level agreement. 


Each clause can be accepted 'as is' or edited to reflect a specific need. It covers everything from definitions to responsibilities, from support through to communication.



To illustrate the depth and quality of the document, we have produced the following sample pages:


Table of Contents - Page 1


Typical SLA Page





The Outsourcing Toolkit can now be purchased online and downloaded directly to your PC. 


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Outsourcing Service Level Agreement or Outsource SLA