IT Outsource and Business Outsourcing Service Management

Service Management Introduction




Service Level Agreement

A comprehensive editable service level agreement to apply to the supplier 


Benchmarking Audit Kit

A comprehensive checklist / questionnaire to measure your service.


The Contract

A balanced document with standard terms and conditions... why re-invent the wheel?


The Transition Plan

A pre-written plan/template for moving your work to the supplier's environment in a timely and efficient manner


Service Level Requirements

A comprehensive  template designed to help you establish and properly document your service level requirements. 




The Outsourcing Management Toolkit

The Outsourcing Toolkit

A complete toolkit comprising introduction to service management, SLA, benchmarking audit kit, generic contract, transition plan and an IT outsource service level requirements template.

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This 71 page document  is a comprehensive beginners guide to service governance and management under the disciplines of ITIL. 


Understanding the different management processes and disciplines of quality service management is an important first step to aid the outsourcing initiative. The Service Management Beginners Notes will give you a thorough background in this important and developing area. 


To further illustrate the depth and quality of this component, we have produced the following sample pages:



Table of Contents - Page 1:


IT Service Management



A Sample Page:


Outsourcing Service Management





The Outsourcing Management Toolkit can now be purchased online and downloaded directly to your PC. 


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